We are happy to introduce our new intern Ingrid Kindem, who will work with Appfarm’s Solutions team:  

How old are you?
22 years old.  

What are you studying? 4th year on Computer Science at NTNU, with Interaction Design and Game Technology as specialization.  

Why did you apply for an internship in Appfarm? I have always wanted to work for a tech startup with few employees. Also, I like to work in a fast-paced environment where I get challenged. This, combined with the high-speed process of creating digital experiences with the Appfarm platform, made this the perfect opportunity for me!  

What kind of projects are you working on? I am currently working on a project for Disruptive Technologies. My task is to develop a digital solution that can be used to administer, monitor and interact with the wireless IoT sensors that Disruptive delivers.  

How do you like working for Appfarm? Working for Appfarm has been a great and rewarding experience! You instantly become a part of the team and get a great amount of responsibility.  

What are you doing next semester? The upcoming semester is going to be quite different, as I am going on exchange to Taiwan, where I will be attending NTUST. I am looking forward to exploring Asia and meeting people from all over the world.