Say hello to Øyvind Håbrekke! He and the rest of the summer interns are already busy working with our solution team on customer projects🌟

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I am 25 years old and will start my final year on the Master's degree in Engineering and ICT at NTNU this fall, with Geomatics as my specialization.

What do you enjoy about Appfarm?
I love gaining work experience with actual customer projects in a startup with entrepreneurial spirit🚀 I enjoy developing software in the seamless full-stack environment provided by Appfarm Create. It gives the opportunity to be creative and focus on the user experience.

What projects are you working on?
I am working on developing an event app for senior citizens in Oslo. It is a cool and creative challenge to make something which is simple enough to be successfully used by such a distinct user group.

What are you doing next semester?
I am starting my master thesis where I will be doing research into 3D modelling in urban areas.

What do you look forward to this summer?
To get to know Appfarm as a company, the team and the other summer interns. Also social happenings after work, this week we are checking out Oslo Street Food at Youngstorget and an Escape Room🌆 And I can’t wait to see how our project turns out!