Say hello to our returning summer intern, Lars Bergendahl! Welcome back to the team🚀

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I am 25 years old and this autumn I am starting my 5th year in Computer Science at NTNU, with Databases and Searches as my specialization.

What do you enjoy about Appfarm?
Working at Appfarm is a unique experience because of their rapid growth as a startup and you get hands-on development experience when using Appfarm Create. It is even quicker to create awesome digital solutions than last summer and the team is very passionate about letting us work on real customer projects.

What projects are you working on?
I am working on a project to digitize and optimize agriculture processes. We are expanding a mobile app utilizing sensor data which we developed last summer. It’s very cool that it has been put into use!

What do you look forward to this summer?
I am very excited about the whole program. I have a goal to develop myself as a solution engineer and look forward to improving my technical skills and also UX/UI skills.

What are you doing next semester?
Next semester I am pursuing my master’s degree. I am in general very impressed and inspired by Appfarm Create and I actually plan to use Appfarm directly in my thesis if it is feasible. That would be so cool!