With locations all across Europe, Knowit is on a mission to ease the digital transformation for all their customers. This is Appfarm at its core, making them the perfect partner for our no-code service.

“2021 was a great year for Appfarm and our partners. We are thrilled to start off 2022 with this exciting new partnership. Together with the industry heavyweight Knowit, we will be able to further extend our reach across borders to assist even more customers in achieving their digital goals.” says Hans Magnus Wold, VP of Business Development at Appfarm.

Knowit Insight is one of the strongest competence environments for digital transformation in the Nordic region, specializing in developing and strengthening crucial qualities for successful organizations.

“Knowit Insight is thrilled to be able to enter into partnership with Appfarm and make their technology available to our customers in the private and public sector. Together we are well-positioned to assist customers in working more efficiently and digitalize manual and time-consuming processes,” says Ole Kristian Haug, Director of Automation & Data Analytics at Knowit Insight.

Ole Kristian Haug and Hans Magnus Wold

There is no doubt that no-code is the future of digital transformation and automation of internal processes. Many organizations and SMB´s are held back in taking the appropriate steps towards digitalization due to the assumption that the only way to implement complex and high-quality applications is by developing and maintaining every line of code from the ground up.

“This is costly, time-consuming, and in most cases an unnecessary approach. By developing applications and systems on a no-code platform, organizations have endless possibilities at their fingertips and can achieve their digital goals in weeks rather than months or years,” Hans Magnus says.

“We look forward to working with Knowit Insight and together redefine the journey towards digitalization for all organizations.”