In order to provide customers with the agility and competitive edge in their digital transformation journey, Appfarm has teamed up with the innovative technology partner Axaz, who already have certified developers on the no-code platform.

Most companies have internal processes and tasks that are totally unique to their organization. Many of the application platforms available today are unable to provide the tailored solution needed to streamline these processes, or they are only able to solve one part of the issue. This usually results in several manual operations in Excel sheets and e-mail communication to make up for the lack of an efficient and modern solution.

Appfarm’s objective is to make it an easy task for any company to create applications and adopt a digital workflow by eliminating the time and cost it takes to code apps from the ground up. That is why having partners of the same mindset is crucial.

“We are very excited to be partnering up with Axaz. Their philosophy of continuously delivering value to their customers at the speed of which the business needs arise fits perfectly with the capabilities of our platform and is definitely in line with the future of software development. We look forward to many exciting projects together,” says Hans Magnus Wold, VP of Business Development at Appfarm.

Combining the strengths of Appfarm’s state-of-the-art no-code application platform with the highly skilled technology experts of Axaz will help a new range of customers realize their digital aspirations.

“The possibilities are endless in Appfarm Create. The platform has been the birth of applications for everything from on-site HSE monitoring, management of musicians and concerts online, QA and lab testing of gravel, to timesheet management for projects with high employee turnover,” Anders Kornbrekke says, Manager of Digital Workflows at Axaz.

“We have seen a demand in the market for a solution that can customize workflows to the specific everyday needs of an organization, and through Appfarm we have been able to demonstrate the possibilities our customers have,”

“The fact that it is so easy to keep the applications updated is also an important factor in order to stay current with today's rapid development.” Kornbrekke says.

From the left: Kim Jarno-Kristiansen, Sondre Liltved Tennfjord, Anders Kornbrekke, Thomas Hesselberg, Hans Magnus Wold

“Axaz also delivers services within business architecture, integration, and data platform, and is experiencing that many organizations need to close the gaps in their application portfolio in order to obtain supported processes and workflows through the value chain, despite it being completely unique and specific. With Appfarm as the platform, we can deliver the service digital workflow. Through this, we can efficiently contribute to closing the gaps and make data available as part of the whole. This enables us to be a proactive technology partner, and helps our customers be data-driven, equipped for change, and gain a competitive advantage,” says Kim Jarno-Kristiansen, CEO of Axaz.